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Our Story

DAFT® ‘Design And Fresh Thinking’

An independent product design company. Creating products with cutting edge design and manufacturing.

Our products evoke the appeal of a classic design but with an obsession for perfection which drives many of the innovative ideas which define our brand .

The ‘DAFT®’ name is an ironic statement about consumerism and what it is to buy into a "brand". We encourage you to look beyond a name and make deeper more informed decisions about what you buy and why you buy it.

We stand for ‘Design And Fresh Thinking’ because creating beautiful products is not enough, each DAFT® product has innovative ideas and intelligent new solutions.

Our mission is to produce quality products which last many years. Useful features and material choices mean they are practical, durable and priced to be accessible. We’re a lot more interested in creating products than we are in creating profits, so we offer real value wherever we can.

We don’t aspire to make a quick buck, we aspire to make future classics.

Our products are designed and created in Manchester UK with global manufacturing partners to scale up production and fulfil demand. We don’t take any shortcuts, designing every bespoke aspect of our products from the first pencil sketch to the prototypes and production models.

Currently we’re focused on creating exceptional male grooming tools and accessories for the modern man. For those who make informed decisions about the things they own and have a strong sense of individual style.

Our first commercial product the ‘Man Comb’ launched on Kickstarter in July 2014. Since then we've gained a lot of experience expanding sales channels and the range of Man Combs, which now include Limited Edition, Special Edition and our popular personalised combs.  

We are becoming increasingly concerned with the plastic crisis and the immediate need for change. The global reach of our products gives us potential to be part of the solution and this has become a core value of our business. We aim to negate the need for throw-away plastic products by coming up with better solutions.

We're excited about the new product lines we have in development and look forward to sharing them with you soon.

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